In “Is IT exempt from Trump’s ‘Buy American’¬†order?,” FCW’s Troy Schneider quotes ASI CEO Tim Cooke offering an out-of-the-box proposal for agencies seeking ways to comply. Use category management, he suggests.

“The main thing [category management] does is reach deeply into the supply webs of the government and the marketplace,” Cooke explained. “It develops a deep appreciation of the supply web or supply chain as it goes back multiple layers.”

One of the key contributions of the category management initiative is that it evens the information playing field between suppliers and government buyers. Managing an organization’s spending in categories based on markets requires category management teams to develop deep expertise in those markets and the suppliers within them. A key element of that is developing continuously refreshed analyses of the supply networks involved in creating products. And that’s exactly what agencies will need to follow the new rules, but more importantly, to buy more effectively and efficiently in their key categories of procurement spending.

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