Federal agency reorganizers should pay special attention to the new Government Accountability Office report on fragmentation, overlap and duplication released today.

When President Donald Trump issued his March executive order calling for federal reorganization, he said, “there is “duplication and redundancy everywhere,” and “billions and billions of dollars” wasted in government. He was obliquely referring to the GAO report.

The Office of Management and Budget’s April 12 memorandum offering guidance for following the order is replete with references to eliminating duplication in agencies’ interactions with stakeholders, in regulatory reporting requirements, in activities and functions across organizations and in jobs.

There’s more in the report than can be even hinted at here, though it’s fair to note there are 79 new actions proposed and GAO claims the ones accomplished between 2011 and 2016 saved $136 billion. Of special interest to the acquisition community is the presence of strategic sourcing among the actions addressed or partially addressed.

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