You Need to Field New Tech—Fast ASI Acquisition Acceleration Centers Cut Delivery Time by 75%.

“ASI stood up the Acquisition Acceleration Center and immediately began to forge relationships between my office and our program office … Requirements packages that used to take four to six months before the AAC now take one. We realized an 84 percent increase in efficiency. Our original thought was to only stand-up the AAC to get us through [2011]. Now, I don’t know how we would do without it. There is no way I could get the mission accomplished without the help of ASI.”

You Need to Fix a Troubled, High-Visibility Program–Now ASI’s Acquisition of the Future Intervention Reduced Procurement Time 70%, Drove Innovation and Left a Stronger Organization.

Our client agency had an urgent need to acquire a capability it had never before solicited in order to “fix” a critically troubled program caught in the glare of the national media spotlight. Two frustrating procurement attempts conducted in the agency’s normal way had failed.

Policy Goals Are Changing. Resources Are Limited. Programs Need to Start Fast and Deliver Immediately. With ASI’s Support, a Critical, First-Ever Program Showed Results in Half the Time Predicted

Just nine months before a presidential transition, the agency embarked on a mission-critical new program. If the new start missed its deadlines and landed after the election, the agency itself could be imperiled, leaving the millions it serves in physical jeopardy.