You Need to Field New Tech—Fast

ASI Acquisition Acceleration Centers Cut Delivery Time by 75%.

“ASI stood up the Acquisition Acceleration Center and immediately began to forge relationships between my office and our program office … Requirements packages that used to take four to six months before the AAC now take one. We realized an 84 percent increase in efficiency. Our original thought was to only stand-up the AAC to get us through [2011]. Now, I don’t know how we would do without it. There is no way I could get the mission accomplished without the help of ASI.”

Increasingly, federal operational organizations must deliver tactical capabilities using innovative information technology (IT). Their IT organizations spend hundreds of millions to billions of dollars a year buying cutting-edge technology to support IT-intensive missions on our borders, in defense and intelligence, health and science.

Most of these organizations struggle to close technological capability gaps fast enough and completely enough to meet field operators’ often life-or-death needs. Over and over they are stymied by a critical reality: the common gap between Government Program and Procurement offices.

This gap leads to misalignment between requirements and the program’s ultimate needs and mission objectives and disrupts delivery of vital technology. The capability gap creates:

  • A lack of shared purpose/urgency between Program and Procurement, leading to schedule slippage, strained working relationships, and outcomes that don’t meet mission needs
  • Insufficient organizational capacity to satisfy one another’s expectations, processes, or needs
  • Program requirements built without Procurement involvement; unclear expectations regarding procurement needs and operational importance
  • Failure to capitalize on past successful procurements to leverage existing knowledge for current or future requirements

To help operational organizations close their capability gaps with speed and effectiveness, ASI designed the  Acquisition Acceleration Center (AAC), focused on bridging the gap between Program and Procurement offices to improve acquisition results.

Our acquisition experts work with requirements owners and stakeholders in special strategic integrated project teams (IPTs), facilitating requirements-gathering to speed solicitation information collection and streamline processes to deliver the right outcomes the first time, every time.

An ASI AAC helped a key homeland security operational agency cut the time to create procurement requirements packages by 75percent, for acquisitions valued at $100,000 to $400 million.

Again and again, ASI Acquisition Acceleration Centers guide and support fully engaged strategic IPTs, delivering multi-million-dollar, high-profile, mission-critical acquisitions that translate strategic program intent to tactical force capabilities.

The AACs device flexible acquisition strategies to achieve mission success while meeting the Federal Acquisition Regulation and agency regulations and policies.


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