Free Up Resources and Spending Stuck in Support Functions. Get Procurement Aligned With Strategy and Budget

ASI Spend Analysis Creates the Blueprint and Makes It Happen

ASI provided an across-the-board review of existing and proposed contracts to assess clients’ enterprise spending behavior and identify opportunities for applying the guidance of the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) in reducing overall costs. Using a share-in-savings approach that rewarded the effectiveness of our performance in finding funds for our clients, ASI worked to maximize efficiencies by leveraging the organization’s buying power.

Leaders of a key component agency of a large department were frustrated by an inability to make informed resource allocation decisions based on evidence not anecdotes. Agency divisions were duplicating contracts, spending too much for similar services and not achieving mission outcomes with procurement expenditures. The agency business lead received a variety of management reports, but had no means to see and understand what was being spent with which contractors for what services.

Spend analyses produced by generalist consultants are expensive, time consuming and produce static displays that are obsolete within days of being produced. ASI upended this model by using government-acquisition experts and tailored software tools to automate data collection, analysis and spend data visualizations.

ASI performed an agency-wide portfolio spend analysis and assessment in less than 1/3 of the usual time at a 60% reduction in cost. The consolidated data model linking Federal Procurement Data System information with agency acquisition management systems, strategy and spend plans enabled agency leaders to manipulate the outputs in real time. Cross-walking agency data and public domain contract information helped establish links between requirements and funding sources and demonstrate how well or poorly requirements were met through the agency’s acquisitions.

The spend analysis validated that the agency accomplishes its core missions through acquisitions and provided a quantitative and qualitative approach to increase the value of existing investments. This effort raised the profile of acquisition and the office overseeing it and led the agency to begin a facilitated transformation to align business and buying plans.

The spend analysis enabled the agency to identify requirements for consolidation and to link strategy, budget, and acquisition, bringing visibility and evidence to determining whether buying meets or doesn’t meet the mission. Spend analysis data now supports the agency in analyzing enterprise and division buying behavior. Agency stakeholders select specific savings areas to pursue, and can articulate benefits and implement approved strategies for transitioning to improved procurement and operational models.


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