Every program manager wants to deliver a program that is on time, within budget, and that meets its performance objectives. And along the way, every program manager wants clear visibility into the program’s cost, schedule, and performance to date.

  • How do you measure and manage performance and progress of your program?
  • Are you using the most effective performance measures?
  • How can you better compare the value of the work completed to the costs incurred to assess if your program is on track or to identify necessary course corrections?

The effective application of an Earned Value Management (EVM) framework contributes to the ultimate objective of ensuring that a program is on time, within budget, and meets its performance objectives. EVM enables program and project managers to better control and realize the value of programs, and to have early indicators of performance.

ASI will help you implement an appropriate EVM framework for your program. Instead of just following academic guidelines and making sure processes and documentation are compliant, we take a practitioner’s approach to EVM. Our work is technology and software application agnostic. Instead of employing set tools and methodologies, we research your agency and your mission, and use tools that are specific to those needs.

Our experienced practitioners will get your team up to speed quickly with training in essentials of Earned Value Management. Then, we’ll help you craft contracts with the right language to ensure the right information is gathered, perform data analysis of the information, and—doing projection analysis—assess the earned value and schedule, and educate your team on our findings.

Using a disciplined approach, we’ll help your team break the work into executable modules according to the work breakdown structure and price each module. We’ll track programs during the course of their completion, monitoring cost and scope to ensure they are on track in terms of cost and time and providing corrective action as necessary.

With EVM support from ASI, you’ll be on the right path to ensure your program meets its objectives—on time and on schedule.

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