ASI Research Institute™

To deliver the best possible advice and solutions to clients, it is critical that all members of the ASI team engage in continuous learning. This means maintaining an acute awareness of the latest legislation, policies, regulations, protest and oversight trends, best practices— and emerging practices—in federal strategy, acquisition, and program management.  

We do this in part through the power of the ASI Government Research Institute™.

Our Research Institute engages in continuous research to actively identify legislative, regulatory and policy changes, as well as court decisions and their potential impact. We scope out successful practices and lessons learned to leverage successes and develop new solutions. Tapping into the best minds in acquisition, we analyze the latest challenges and identify solutions to meet the needs of the community. Where our analysis reveals lack of clarity or opportunities for improvement in the rules, we work with the regulatory bodies and others in the community to encourage change. We share our analysis with our employees and the community through strategic thought pieces and white papers, as well as through a series of news, publications, and webinars that we also make available to our clients. And we translate our findings and recommendations into “how to” guides, checklists, templates, and tools to simplify the application of complex acquisition concepts. 

The Research Institute focuses on the range of issues important to our broad spectrum of federal clients, exploring both high-level strategic issues, as well as the intricate detail of specific procurement processes. This approach allows us to meet the needs of C-suite executives, as well as the contracting officers and program managers who are implementing these practices each day.

Many of the research products created by our Research Institute for our employees are also available to our federal clients, packaged as part of our Virtual Acquisition Office™ service.

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