ASI Training Institute™

The ASI Government Training Institute™ is dedicated to envisioning, creating, delivering, and evolving acquisition training and learning opportunities that will resonate with today’s acquisition and program management workforce. We know that training and developing the acquisition and program management workforce is fundamental to building and operating an effective acquisition system. And we know that the quality and the context of the training really matter.  

With ASI, you are learning from those who do. We practice the art of acquisition and program management each and every day, in our consulting support of agencies across the federal government. We are continually exposed to new practices, insights, and lessons learned, and our Training Institute directly translates into an improved training experience for you. Our training instructors are not only instructors, they are accomplished practitioners as well, providing memorable real-life acquisition success stories and lessons learned. And they thrive on “ideating” around how to deliver an exceptional learning experience in new and innovative ways.  

Our Training Institute works in partnership with our Research Institute to ensure currency on the “latest and greatest” in acquisition and translates that into classroom training, online learning, and innovative new training solutions on the most current developments and trends. 

Through the Training Institute, we offer a robust array of training options, including classroom training, online training, custom classroom and online development, and are always ideating on new possibilities for engaging the workforce in innovative ways of learning.      

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