Continually pursuing the "art of the possible" in everything we do

Since our inception in 1996, ASI has provided innovative solutions to the federal sector that have had a transformational impact on the way the government does business. We wrote the book on Performance-Based Acquisition, focused on aligning the government and contractors on shared objectives and desired outcomes. We are also known for the one-of-a kind subscription-based model of delivering continuous learning through our Virtual Acquisition Office™ service.  

But our philosophy of innovation doesn’t stop there. We have developed and evolved new means of “bridging the gap” between program and procurement organizations; we are piloting new approaches to acquiring agile technology solutions and are developing a new training concept focused around gaming.  We are continually asking “why,” and questioning whether there are better ways to accomplish any given objective.  At any given time, we can be found “ideating” on what we call the “art of the possible.” And all with the most pressing needs of our federal clients in mind.

We know that changing things for the better requires an understanding and appreciation of what has worked—and what hasn’t—in the past. And that it is important to have data that grounds us but doesn’t anchor us. We appreciate that you have to know what “true north” looks like to be able to get there.

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We live and breathe program management, procurement, and everything “Big A” acquisition. We invest ourselves each day in constant improvement and combine our processes with new and innovative ways that agencies can meet their mission needs through acquisition.

And when we “ideate,” we share. We have designed a framework for sharing our thoughts and ideas, our successes, and our lessons learned with our clients via a series of publications and outreach activities. 

Our philosophy rests on three key tenets:

Unconventional methods. We employ unconventional methods and approaches to create what is possible. Solutions such as design thinking allow us to augment traditional analytical methods and take a more qualitative, experiential systems approach to consulting. This helps agencies view their problems in new ways, redefining what can be achieved.  

Unexpected experiences. Our public servants serve a critical function and today face more challenges than ever before. So ASI believes that delivering on every promise isn’t enough. We want to uplift our clients, creating experiences that are “Unexpected, by Design.” Clients feel reenergized and gain a sense of confidence and excitement in the process and our solution.

Commitment to making an impact.The strength of our solutions is that we go beyond applying best practices or cutting-edge technology to solve problems. We take the time to understand your needs and your culture—and what is “unique” about your organization—to develop solutions that truly make a positive difference to you.

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