Guided by a set of core values

  • Teamwork. Our people have the drive and passion to partner with our clients and collaborate with one another to make our solutions work.
  • Integrity. We live the highest standards of ethics and fiscal responsibility. We give and stand by our best advice as part of our quest to make our clients successful.
  • Excellence. We invest in quality – in people, process, and performance. We strive to bring the power of knowledge, the spirit of optimism, and the discipline of persistence to the pursuit of excellence.

At ASI, we believe in our Federal Government and the public servants who promote and preserve our way of life. We steadfastly stand behind those who selflessly provide safety, security, and support at home and abroad.

Now more than ever, our economic future and national security are closely coupled with the ability to manage our federal dollars. We passionately offer thought leadership, creativity, and expertise to further mission results and to steward scarce resources.

From mission needs and requirements through procurement and program execution, “Big A” Acquisition is one of the most powerful, critical, and underutilized levers in the federal government for driving efficiencies and performance. We skillfully employ acquisition program management capabilities, methods, and technologies to address the primary interests of government leaders – managing costs and risks, delivering as promised on time, and driving enduring mission performance.

Honored to Serve.  Inspired to Innovate.  Trusted to Deliver.