Your Programs Need Results Yesterday.

ASI Helps Transform Acquisition Into a Frictionless, Collaborative, Mission Delivery Machine.

Programs can achieve incredible results when government and contractors work are partners in achieving shared objectives. But that requires a program-procurement team cooperating seamlessly to attain shared outcome goals.

ASI excels at bridging gaps between programs and the procurement function to accelerate, innovate, and streamline the process for getting programs the tools and capability they need.

Only ASI combines deep procurement expertise, strategy and organizational development and agile program management in a unique methodology for creating cross-functional alignment to deliver business and acquisition strategy, processes and execution.

Our specialized approach is made up of elements and lessons we’ve honed and refined through 21 years of supporting hundreds of procurements across civilian, defense and intelligence agencies, and leading the market in acquisition innovation. For example:

  • ASI Government pioneered Performance-Based Acquisition (PBA) and in supporting hundreds of major procurements we’ve proved it drives all stakeholders to desired outcomes.
  • ASI is the lead industry partner to acquisition visionaries from across the federal government in developing the Acquisition of the Future (AOF) Transformation Guide to help recreate acquisition to truly add value in mission accomplishment.
  • Our industry-leading partnership with government now includes world-class expertise in public sector category management.


Our solutions span the acquisition lifecycle to bring tangible improvements at every step—from analyzing spend to managing demand to crafting market-driving requirements to evoking superior supplier performance.

We analyze and help you reshape all the factors affecting acquisition—from the technical to the cultural—to identify approaches with the greatest impact. We partner with you on timely, cost-effective, and outcome-based deliverables to meet your needs and support your mission.


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