Consulting Services

Trusted advice and strategic support to enable the business of government

The vision of ASI’s founders was to revolutionize acquisition. The goal: to improve mission results and performance. Today, our vision includes that … and more. We are leveraging our deep capacity in acquisition—and are maturing and broadening our capabilities—to help agencies achieve their goals of improving mission results. We have recognized that we cannot solve today’s difficult challenges through depth in acquisition alone. While acquisition remains our core, we have been hard at work building cross-functional capabilities, such as strategy and program management, and working within a variety of domains in new and innovative ways.

We remain committed to our core of acquisition. And we realize that to effect real change—and real results—we must go broader. To enable tangible results, solutions must engage a full range of stakeholders and must go beyond processes to address other critical components.

In today’s government, many of these areas naturally overlap―and they should. You can’t support the mission without strong acquisition and program management. You can’t run an effective acquisition organization without an effective strategy, organizational structure, and an effective performance management plan.

Our consulting services are designed to pull it all together and achieve synergies wherever possible. Whether you need help in one area or in many overlapping areas, we are here to help.  



Products, Training & Learning

ASI Government is a leader in performance-based management for the public sector. ASI Government helps agencies "bridge the gap" between procurement and program offices, enable workforce performance, stand up new program offices, optimize organizational performance, and manage complex programs effectively.

Our learning products and training bring you the "latest and greatest" in acquisition developments and trends and translate that knowledge into news, publications, webinars, tools, training, and events that help government agencies learn and execute most efficiently and effectively.

ASI Solutions

ASI now delivers a range of consulting solutions and services organized around four critical areas:

  1. Strategy and Organizational Performance
  2. Acquisition
  3. Program Management
  4. Mission Support

And we will do so consistently with our consulting division's share vision to accelerate, energize, and innovate on every client engagement. Our vision:

  • Accelerate. The ASI Consulting Division fuses strategy, acquisition, and program management with a singular focus on accelerating our clients to meaningful outcomes and powerful results.
  • Energize. We excite our clients with a unique delivery experience, leaving them energized, inspired, and poised for action. We blend the art and science of consulting with a passion and commitment to client success.
  • Innovate. We are the dominant thought leaders and innovators in Acquisition, collaborating and co-creating at all levels to deliver lasting solutions based on leading practices.