Acquisition Policy

Maximizing the impact of your acquisition policy organization and practices

A strong acquisition policy organization sets the foundation for acquisition success across the enterprise.  

  • How do you ensure your agency’s policies and practices are aligned with the latest federal policies, regulations, and initiatives? 
  • How do you meet reporting requirements throughout the year?   
  • How do you communicate changes to your workforce?
  • How do you track all of the reporting that you are required to do throughout the year? 
  • How do you stay current on legislative developments that might directly impact your agency?

ASI understands the important role that policy plays in an agency’s overall acquisition success.

  • We’ll work with your agency to put an acquisition policy framework in place to maximize your organization’s value-add across the organization. 
  • We’ll recommend—and work in partnership with you to develop—the most critical policies, in order of importance. 
  • We’ll benchmark the policies of other agencies and look for opportunities to leverage the best of what others have already created.
  • We’ll help you design a strategy for communicating policy changes and developments to your stakeholders.
  • We’ll track legislation that has the potential to impact your organization. 
  • We’ll provide proprietary tools and experienced analysts to conduct reviews, assess compliance, and identify opportunities for targeted training to remedy deficiencies.

Our experienced consultants will partner with you to understand your organization’s unique culture, structure, challenges, and objectives.

The result:  An acquisition policy organization that is well prepared to meet the demands of all of its stakeholders.