Acquisition Strategy

Optimizing specific, enterprisewide acquisition strategies to achieve desired results

An acquisition strategy can make or break the success of your acquisition—and your program.

  • How do you go about selecting the optimal acquisition strategy for your acquisition?
  • What are the pros and cons of buying against an existing interagency contract (GWAC? MAC?) versus a Federal Supply Schedule or FAR Part 15 strategy?
  • How will the selected strategy impact your program timeline?  Or your service options?
  • How do you optimize the use of small or other socioeconomically disadvantaged businesses? 
  • What is the best contract structure and type for your procurement and what business dynamics and behaviors will your tactics create?

The answers to these and other questions have the potential to significantly impact the outcomes of your acquisition. We can help program and contracting offices explore and understand the array of options available and to craft the strategy that makes the most sense for each acquisition or for your enterprise-wide acquisition strategy.

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There is not one preferred method that is ideal for all situations. We provide valuable insight—based on experience in supporting agencies large and small with hundreds of acquisitions—to help you choose the strategy that is the right fit for your requirement.

We’ll get to know you and your needs, both technical and cultural, taking a systems view of your agency and your requirements. This helps open up possibilities, finding solutions that may be surprising and unconventional, but are also practical and forward thinking, making smart use of your budget and resources.

Make the acquisition process work for you, not against you. Changing the way your agency views the acquisition process—viewing it as an asset rather than an afterthought—can provide a dramatic shift in your project’s success. 

Acquisition Strategy addresses the strategic approach for navigating the acquisition portion of the investment lifecycle, addressing the need for contracts, strategies for putting them in place, and whether approaches such as performance-based acquisition will be used.