Bridge the Gap

Aligning program and procurement goals, organizations, and processes for shared success

Programs can only be successful—and agencies can only achieve their missions—if everyone supporting the program delivers as expected.

  • Do your program offices understand their role in the Big “A” (Acquisition Program Management) process?
  • Does your procurement organization provide strategic advice and support to your program? 
  • Is everyone clear on roles, responsibilities, and successful practices to seamlessly move from recognizing a need to ensuring delivery meets expectations?
  • Are you employing the most effective tools and practices to work in partnership?

Key challenges include:

  • Procurement and program offices with different objectives, conflicting incentives, competing priorities, and unfamiliar lexicons
  • Lack of shared purpose and mutual understanding impeding achievement of organizational outcomes
  • Insufficient capacity to satisfy each party’s expectations, processes and requirements
  • Inexperienced workforce with shrinking senior staff/mentors
  • Lack of decision-making mechanisms
  • Insufficient focus on capturing knowledge from past successes and leveraging for the future

ASI understands the importance of effective collaboration between program and procurement functions to achieve optimal program, and ultimately, mission outcomes. We apply our deep acquisition program management lifecycle expertise to create effective communication, collaboration and a shared purpose between these two organizations to achieve agency goals. We help break down barriers in understanding, educating and empowering stakeholders throughout the lifecycle to achieve desired outcomes.

ASI’s approach includes:

  • Bridging critical gaps at transactional, operational, and transformative levels
  • Assessing and analyzing current state
  • Leveraging Acquisition for Agile to deliver results earlier
  • Employing Design Thinking to help clients innovate, collaborate, and plan
  • Focusing on training and knowledge enablement to empower staff
  • Integrating technology tools to fuel efficiency and effectiveness
  • Building a modular solution, customized to the specific client environment

Our consulting and training solutions are fortified by innovative knowledge, learning, and productivity technology tools to further enable collaboration and coordination. These include the Virtual Acquisition Office™, Tailored Acquisition Portal™, and Applied Learning Online™, to name just a few.

Teams begin to work together to develop strategies and documentation for requirements, working towards common goals, driving efficient processes, and enabling successful outcomes.


  • A fully implemented Acquisition Program Management Lifecycle
  • A shared vision and enhanced communication, collaboration and trust across organizations and lines of authority
  • Available tools, templates, and techniques to drive efficiency and effectiveness across organizational boundaries
  • Improved operational efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • Reduced time needed to build executable procurements
  • Documented governance, processes, roles, and responsibilities
  • Improved program outcomes, more rapid delivery, demonstrable ROI, and fever programs operating over budget or behind schedule
  • Program dollars spent more effectively during a shorter cycle
  • Better mission results