Contract Formation & Management

Crafting the deal and managing it for success

There has been a significant focus on effective post-award contract management. We believe that contract formation (i.e., the pre-award process) and contract management (i.e., the post-award process) are integrally linked. Once a contract is awarded, successful management of the contract—and, ultimately, the project—depends heavily on whether the stage was set for success in the pre-award phase of the acquisition.

  • Does your agency focus as much on post-award as it does on pre-award?
  • What needs to change to ensure a more fluid process that ultimately results in delivery of the desired products or services?
  • What can we do in the pre-award phases to set the stage for success of the entire project?

We link contract formation and contract management together because they are inherently related. You can’t have a successful acquisition—supporting a successful project—without both.

ASI will work with you to develop and execute a plan for being more strategic and thoughtful in planning and executing your range of contracts to better enable post-award success. We’ll help you:

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  • Provide the right types of incentives for your contractors.
  • Allocate risk appropriately based on the specifics of the requirement.
  • Analyze and plan your organization’s workload and processes so that post-award management is viewed as equally important—or more important—than just “getting to award.”  
  • Construct an appropriate source selection team and ensure processes are in place to effectively evaluate proposals and past performance.
  • Ensure that all of the players—from program and project managers to contracting officers to engineers and CORs understand their role and the importance of it.

We’ll work with your team throughout the lifecycle to ensure appropriate planning, reviews, documentation, approvals, metrics, monitoring, and reporting, ultimately helping ensure that you achieve results.

Contract Formation addresses the process leading to award of a contract. It involves a wide range of activities from acquisition planning, solicitation development, source selection planning and execution, evaluation of proposals and past performance, and ultimate identification of a vendor(s) most likely to deliver in a superior fashion.

Contract Management  involves the management of the contract, and managing of the project, once a contract has been awarded. The ultimate goal of contract management is to ensure that the products or services needed are ultimately provided in accordance with the negotiated terms of the contract.