Cost-Price Analysis

Ensuring a reasonable deal for the taxpayer

In these austere times, federal agencies must ensure they are spending the taxpayers’ money wisely. It is imperative that the prices paid or the costs incurred be reasonable and realistic based on the requirement.

  • What level—and type—of analysis is required for the specific project at hand?
  • What types of analytical tools and techniques should be applied?
  • How can you be sure that the costs are reasonable and realistic for the requirement?
  • And how can we be sure that we are evaluating offers fairly?  

Complex contract structures call for complex analysis.  ASI can help. Our experienced cost and pricing analysts will take a deep dive into the market and into all available information to help the source selection team make informed decisions, and look for opportunities to glean greater value. We’ll help you make sense of the myriad of factors you must examine to make a determination on which solutions offer the best deal for the government.

The result: Better deals for the taxpayer and confidence in the chosen solution.  

Cost/Price Analysis.  ASI helps contracting officers make better determinations to improve government buying power.