Mission-Driven Acquisition Transformation

The Power of Acquisition
The Acquisition function– including the efforts of the enterprise-wide buying team– is the most powerful and underutilized lever in the Federal Government today for finding efficiencies and driving results. One of every six dollars and nearly half of all federal discretionary funding flows through the acquisition function – one innately tied to mission performance.

As critical as this function is, however, it is remarkably challenged. Structural, informational, and regulatory challenges leave practitioners at all stages of the acquisition lifecycle longing for something more constructive, more fruitful, and less frustrating. At its core is the need to shift from Industrial to Collaborative Age thinking and execution for dramatically different results.

Our Transformative Approach
Our methodology addresses the most critical dimensions of acquisition transformation: buyers and the acquiring team, the marketplace, acquisition methods, culture, and external influencers. It is meant to describe, not prescribe, the condition of those dimensions in five levels of transformation. It enables federal organizations to plot their current state, the future state to which they aspire, and the path they choose to take to realize their future. 

The Power of Guided Implementation
Guided implementation offers agencies an accessible, inclusive, inviting approach to aligning around how acquisition is currently performing in the organization and what is required to improve the impact of acquisition. This multi-step process:

  • Confirms a shared view of the present state
  • Outlines steps needed in moving to a higher level of maturity
  • Explores how to organize and operate for success

During this facilitated journey, agencies are led by skilled facilitators -- visionary acquisition architects and organizational development practitioners who have walked other federal agencies through similar journeys.

Today, we are focused on the future, not solely on fixing the problems of today. How can we help your organization?