Performance-Based Acquisition

Structuring acquisitions to achieve better outcomes 

As the industry partner that developed the original “Seven Steps to Performance-Based Acquisition (PBA),” we are proud that we’ve become known as the go-to provider for major acquisitions, having supported hundreds of them. ASI Government was founded on the idea that incredible results can be achieved when the government and contractors work in partnership toward shared objectives. The key is to follow a proven process that drives all stakeholders to the desired outcomes.

That is the premise of PBA, which we’ve  successfully promoted and implemented since 1996.

  • Are you looking for a way to breathe new life into your acquisition practices?
  • Is your agency practicing true performance-based acquisition or are you simply checking the box on this mandate?

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To gain the full benefits of PBA, we focus on appropriately preparing the agency for this results-oriented approach, establishing the contractor performance relationship, and managing the contract for results. Based on our experiences and observations working with agencies across the government, we’ve developed a methodology that largely draws on the demonstrated merits of the “Seven Steps to Performance-Based Acquisition” process and emphasizes three critical phases of PBA: agency socialization, contractor relationship, and contract performance. In essence, this takes the “Seven Steps” process and highlights the overall focus that has been missing in practice. 

  • Socialization – gaining agency support and focus toward performance.
  • Contractor Relationship – establishing a true partnership with the contractor to achieve results.
  • Contract Management – planning for managing the contract to ensure results are achieved. 

We’ve helped agencies across the government for more than a decade in achieving results through performance-based acquisition. Let us help you, too.

Performance-based Acquisition is the preferred method for acquiring services. Agencies must (with a few exceptions) use performance-based acquisition methods to the maximum extent practicable. It is an approach that focuses on the results to be achieved, as opposed to the manner by which the work is to be performed.

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