Acquisition for Agile

ASI and ASPE Team to Offer Groundbreaking Training for PMs, CORs and Contract Personnel

As leaders in training and consulting on buying and implementing Agile projects, we know that COs and program managers often feel constrained by Federal contracting rules when they build acquisition plans for Agile.

But you also know that, in the face of severe budget challenges, Agile uniquely offers agencies the ability to continuously reprioritize their software development/implementation focus, to capture the highest benefits upfront, with the budget resources that are available to them at the time - all within a well-crafted Agile services acquisition

ASPE, Inc. and ASI Government have designed Acquisition for Agile (A4A) a course designed specifically for IT program managers, CORs, and contract personnel (COs, contract specialists, and contracting office managers) to provide guidelines for approved acquisition and implementation approaches for services for Agile projects. Ideally agencies bring their entire acquisition team to the course so that every member learns and builds the strategy together.

Developed and co-taught by practicing Agile and Acquisition SMEs from the leading training and services companies in those disciplines, A4A does not just teach the concepts of Agile with acquisition tacked on. The course:

  • Focuses not only how to write contracts, but also how to manage them and to help Contracting Officers determine appropriate vehicles and to support performance-based contracting
  • Defines methods of bridging the gap between the contracting and program management functions
  • Enables students to apply the concepts using real-life case studies that deepen in complexity throughout the course, enabling students to consider the objectives of the customer, the appropriateness of Agile methodologies and contract types, as well as enable the development of a specific acquisition strategy
  • Is open only to government employees and certified contractors providing an open, honest environment where participants can share experiences and gain lessons learned across the Federal Government
  • Provides deliverables and group exercises that use real life requirements (e.g., SOO, evaluation criteria)
  • A4A provides an introduction to agile IT development, and considerations and best practices for contracting for Agile development services, specifically within Federal acquisition guidelines.

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