Creating and executing strategic buying strategies that result in the most effective use of resources

Category management is a powerful tool in today’s toolbox that can help federal agencies make more effective use of available resources and answer key questions.

  • How is your agency buying today? Are you executing multiple contracts in disparate parts of the organization for the same or similar supplies and services? 
  • Is there potential to reduce workload and improve the service delivered by contractors by taking a more strategic view of your purchasing habits and purchasing vehicles?

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ASI helps you leverage the power of category management. We’ll help you create strategies that can drive not only cost savings, but ultimately clarity in the right strategies to use at the right time. We’ll analyze your current practices, conduct research of the marketplace and existing government-wide or agency-specific contracts that can potentially be leveraged to meet your needs, and recommend specific strategies that will result in tangible savings for your organization.

Analyzing buying patterns strategically over time, we look for ways that agencies can get better value. We look at contracts and vendors, analyze documentation to assess the cost drivers, and identify opportunities to negotiate terms for better value. The result: better pricing, warranties, licensing agreements, and utilizations of the workforce and acquisition processes.

By making smarter investments upfront, agencies are able to revolutionize their spending power, leveraging it across their organizations and making better use of tax dollars.

Category management is about leveraging the purchase power of the government to buy smarter. This approach can help optimize workloads, lower prices, streamline ordering, and aid in the achievement of socio-economic goals.