Intelligence Analysis

Turning critical data into actionable insight

The intelligence community, policy makers, and military commanders have a critical need for timely, in-depth, accurate information. 

  • How do you determine the analysis required to find the needles in the haystack?
  • How do you ensure that your analysis is comprehensive?
  • How do you report your analysis so that it provides the intelligence needed to make critical national security decisions? 

ASI’s intelligence analysis will help you answer these questions.

ASI serves the intelligence community by providing strategic intelligence to policy makers and actionable intelligence to military commands through in-depth analysis, reporting, and language support. In addition, we determine requirements for new and existing analytic tools and provide custom training to fill educational gaps.  Our staff is experienced in providing support for Counterterrorism, Counterinsurgency and Counternarcotic missions.

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ASI consultants bring a vast amount of experience in multiple SIGINT disciplines, All-Source analysis as well as knowledge in a variety of telecommunications technologies. We are proficient in the use of the most current analytic tools, databases, methodologies, and reporting vehicles and leverage our experience to provide mentoring to client analysts. We work hands on with SIGINT analysts and software developers to determine requirements for new tools or improvement of existing tools.

As part of our process, consultants identify training gaps within your team, and fill those needs with tailored methodologies for developing, designing, and implementing, and testing curriculum with both instructor led and/or computer based training.


ASI intelligence analysis consists of providing in-depth research, the methodologies to examine vast amounts of data to glean the most pertinent intelligence value and reporting that intelligence in a timely and comprehensive manner.

Thwarting High-Profile Threats

Clients choose ASI consultants for their understanding of the complexities of current and future communications used by our nation’s adversaries, comprehensive reporting skills, and extensive subject matter expertise. In 2012, an ASI senior analyst was specifically selected to lead the charge on a particularly troublesome and hard-to-crack target set. His focus on mission objectives and his voracious attention to detail on a time-critical threat stream ensured that his analysis and reporting provided the key intelligence required to thwart several high-profile threats.