Accelerating learning and productivity through pre-packaged service solutions.

Ensuring that your workforce can access the right information at the right time to make the right decisions is critical in the fast-paced acquisition and program management environment.   

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Whether the “right information” entails just-in-time learning on a specific phase of the acquisition process, an alert about the latest FAR change that might affect your acquisition, or a robust intranet site that ensures that your agency’s program community is aware of your agency’s acquisition processes, ASI has a suite of pre-packaged products to meet your needs. 

All of our pre-packaged solutions are designed with a clear objective:  strengthening and enabling your workforce with knowledge, insight, tools, and with the confidence to do their jobs well. 

Implementing one or more of these pre-packaged solutions means rapid deployment across your organization, with rollout possible as early as the date of award! These solutions are fast, affordable, and perhaps best of all, customizable to the specific needs of your organization.