Capital Planning Investment and Control

Optimizing your agency’s approach to CPIC  

Federal agencies must follow a structured Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) process to select, control, and evaluate their IT investments, although the rigor with which agencies implement this process can vary significantly and can impact the success that agencies are able to recognize through their investment management practices.

  • On what criteria is your agency making its investment decisions?  
  • How do you identify projects that are no longer healthy? And collect data for reporting to the IT Dashboard?  
  • How do you evaluate actual versus planned performance of investments? And capture the lessons for consideration in future investment decisions?
  • How do your agency’s processes stack up against GAO’s ITIM Process Maturity Framework?

ASI can help your agency implement—and strengthen—its CPIC model. We’ll assess your agency’s processes against the GAO’s Information Technology Investment Management (ITIM) Process Maturity Framework and make recommendations to move you up the maturity scale. We’ll help you identify, implement, and refine your governance structure and review processes and protocols, and help you craft your Exhibit 300 Business Cases to make the strongest case possible for your investments.     

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We help agencies select, control, and evaluate their portfolio of IT projects in accordance with the principles of Capital Planning Investment and Control (CPIC), as follows:

  • Selection. For the selection phase, we create a set of criteria and priorities and then identify the strategies and programs that will drive mission performance. These criteria are developed using quantitative and qualitative evaluation, assessing risk, benefits, alignment with business objectives, and criticality of projects and resources.
  • Control. In the control phase, we set up proper measures, governance and oversight to ensure that executives and senior management can properly monitor programs and progress, keeping them on schedule, within budget, and performing to expectations. We employ proven performance management approaches and analysis to verify the value of projects and apply corrective actions as needed.
  • Evaluation. Finally, during the evaluation phase, we measure program projections against their actual performance, and work with executives and management to discover ways we can improve...and then we adjust to achieve rapid, demonstrable results.

Let ASI help you: Strengthen your investments. Strengthen your investment review processes.