Enterprise Architecture

Optimizing your enterprise architecture for improved outcomes

Agencies are under increasing pressure to reduce duplication and overlap in their investments. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has identified enterprise architecture (EA) as a mechanism for doing so, but has found as recently as September 2012 that agencies are not using EA to its full potential, recommending that agencies improve measurement and reporting of architecture outcomes.

An enterprise architecture is essentially a blueprint that describes how an organization operates in terms of business processes and technology, how it intends to operate in the future, and how it plans to transition to the future state. To realize the full value of its EA, an agency must first define the purpose of the architecture, and then identify the outcomes it should measure. 

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  • Does your agency have a practical, useful enterprise architecture? 
  • Are you using your EA to drive decision making now…and in the future?
  • Does the EA have a defined purpose? 
  • How will you measure the outcomes? 
  • Where do your systems currently stand in terms of security and achieving business objectives? 

ASI will help you get the most from your enterprise architecture. We’ll assess your current architecture against OMB’s Common Approach to Federal Enterprise Architecture (May 2, 2012) and make recommendations for improvement. We’ll help you identify the architecture’s purpose and goals, establish a method and metrics to measure architecture outcomes, and periodically measure and report the outcomes. We’ll help you map your IT future by developing a blueprint for growing efficiently and effectively and ensuring that your sights are set on the right outcomes. And we’ll help you craft and revise your “Enterprise Roadmap” addressing shared approaches to IT services, as required by the Federal CIO’s memo of May 2, 2012.

We will take a comprehensive look at your organization, looking at business needs and current technology, and develop strategies - or blueprints – to grow efficiently and effectively. After assessing your current architecture, we develop a framework for your agency’s future adoption of technology. We create governance and team structure, along with oversight mechanisms, to ensure that each stage is meeting goals for performance and align with business objectives.