Investment Analysis

Better data. Better decisions.

ASI helps agencies uncover new possibilities for their programs through analytical tools and approaches that provide proper insight into benefits, risks, alternatives, and other factors. We employ a variety of analysis approaches and tools to support funding and expenditure decisions. Our approaches and tools ensure that you are able to make the most informed decision possible along with presenting documentation to support budgetary needs that are comprehensive, and present your full business case.

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In addition to the various analyses we employ (analysis of alternatives, business case analysis, cost-benefit analysis, and economic analysis) our subject matter experts utilize a variety tools and approaches specific to your unique situation to glean insights and opportunities that otherwise would go unnoticed. This helps your agency not only find solutions based on leading practices, but ones based on your technical needs and your culture. This helps us uncover possibilities that would never have been realized before – opportunities that may be unconventional but very practical and relatable to your organization.