IT Governance

Strengthening management and control of IT programs

IT governance is an integral part of corporate governance, but is focused squarely on the organizational structures and processes necessary to ensure that an organization’s information technology directly supports the organization’s objectives and strategies. IT Governance establishes the accountability framework for IT decisions in the organization, and defines processes and decision points throughout the IT lifecycle. 

  • How does your agency address IT decision making? 
  • Are the roles and responsibilities of your boards and committees clearly defined and well understood? 
  • What is the best way to involve decision makers and stakeholders across organizational boundaries to ensure successful decision making and program execution?

ASI helps organizations develop and implement IT governance structures that add value to your IT decisions without overwhelming the organization with a focus on too much process and too little results. We’ll work with your organization to assess the size and scope of your IT portfolios and recommend an IT governance model that is right-sized for your organizational needs, model, and culture.