Performance Metrics

Quantifying the success of your programs and projects

In an age of increasing fiscal oversight, performance metrics are a key tool in measuring and communicating the progress of programs. Proper evaluation is critical to the continued funding of programs.

  • How do you translate your objectives into appropriate performance metrics? 
  • How do you identify the metrics that are most meaningful to the results you are trying to achieve? 
  • How will you track and report on these measures?   

Working collaboratively with you, ASI creates a foundation for organizational improvement, crafting outcome-oriented performance metrics that provide insight into existing programs and guidance for future modules and programs.

We’ll work collaboratively with you – and your contractors, as appropriate—to craft a set of metrics that properly address mission objectives, are plausible, contain proper incentive, and will support report documentation. Metrics will reveal the outcomes of cost, scope, and overall performance of a program or module, fuel Earned Value Management, identify opportunities, improve communication, and add a layer of accountability to taxpayer resources.