IT Portfolio Management

Optimizing your agency’s portfolio of IT investments

Federal agencies today must take a disciplined approach to choosing and managing the best mix of investments to support their mission capabilities. Federal Chief Information Officers (CIOs) now hold responsibility for managing their agency’s entire information technology portfolio and for coordinating with CFOs and CAOs to ensure IT portfolio analysis is an integral part of the agency’s yearly budget process. OMB is holding CIOs accountable for reducing operational costs, terminating and turning around troubled projects, and delivering meaningful functionality at a faster rate while enhancing the security of information systems. The objectives:  reduce the number of wasteful duplicative investments, simplify services for the American people, and deliver more effective IT to support their agency’s mission.

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Further, agency Chief Operating Officers (COOs) are now required, on an annual basis, to lead an agency-wide IT portfolio review within their organization—called Portfolio Stat. With PortfolioStat, agencies will assess the current maturity of their IT portfolio management process, make decisions on eliminating duplication, augment current CIO-led CPIC processes, and move to shared services to maximize the return on IT investments across the portfolio.

  • Is your agency equipped to address the new PortfolioStat reviews?
  • How do you prepare for OMB’s TechStat reviews? 
  • How do you evaluate the performance of your current portfolio?  And whether you have the right mix of investments to meet current and future needs? 
  • What sort of internal reviews are appropriate for the size of your portfolio?

ASI can help you bring rigor to your investment management and review functions. We will help you plan and prepare for your agency’s PortfolioStat as well as OMB’s TechStat review and implement an agency-specific construct for managing and ultimately improving the performance and accountability of your investments. We’ll help you set goals, priorities, and performance measures for the portfolio, gather consistent data on all investments, measure cost/schedule/performance, and provide a framework for frequent monitoring to ensure that the portfolio’s performance is on track. In addition, we’ll provide a construct for viewing all of your investments at a glance, prioritize investments based on appropriate criteria, and make funding decisions based on more complete, current, and consistent information.