Surveys & Assessments

Surfacing truths that fuel change

You want to take your organization to a better place, but don’t quite know what you’re up against. 

  • How well are you fulfilling the expectations of your customers and oversight bodies?
  • How satisfied and engaged are your people?
  • How do you compare to leading practices in either public or private sectors?

ASI’s surveys and assessments will help you answer these questions.

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ASI’s approach is participatory, efficient, and intended to enhance forward movement. Depending on the needs of your organization, we can use either our Quick Look Plus or Insight Assessment Tool to help you gain greater understanding of your organization and lay the foundation for improvement and growth. We help you understand where you are on the road to achieving your vision and position you for future action.

Assessments for each engagement are tailored to the needs of the organization. ASI completes many types of assessments, including:

  • GAO Framework assessment
  • Compliance assessment
  • Organizational assessment
  • Team performance assessment
  • Change Readiness assessment

Gathering data is a key step in completing assessments. ASI uses our 3-D Survey approach that makes the “invisible, visible,” gathering data that illuminates characteristics of your organization and transforming that data into action to spur growth and improvement. 

  • Design: Design survey using simple, unbiased questions, always keeping clear objectives in mind.
  • Deliver: Deliver survey electronically to the right audience at the right time.
  • Decide: Decide what actions to take based on analysis of survey results.

Surveys are also effectively used independent of assessments. In these cases, surveys can provide valuable information on things like employee and customer satisfaction.

Assessments and surveys let your people feel like their voices are heard. We know that when you ask people their opinions, they expect you to do something with the information. We undertake assessments and surveys with this intention and use the data to prepare your organization for action.

Surveys  are data-gathering tools used to collect facts and opinions. They can be integrated into an assessment or used independently to solicit feedback for a specific purpose.

Assessments  are an evaluation or judgment about an organization with respect to a chosen standard, viewpoint, or set of criteria. The product of an assessment is usually a report describing strengths and deficiencies, often accompanied by recommendations for improvement. The ultimate outcome will be insight to make better decisions and take more effective action.