Strategic Communications and Change Management

Driving positive change through proven approaches and proprietary tools

The only thing constant is change. This is especially true for today’s federal agencies facing tremendous change – strategic and mandated. The question is how to get the change you want to happen.

  • How do you get the leadership/sponsorship to drive it forward?
  • How do you motivate/move the workforce to do something different?
  • How do you get and keep multiple stakeholders on board to achieve success? 

ASI’s communications and change management approach will help you answer these questions and others as you attempt to make major changes in your organization.

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ASI’s approach to change management is more than just communications and training. While change can impact one specific dimension of an organization like process, successful change management considers the implications of the change on other organizational dimensions such as technology/infrastructure and people. Using our Strategic Levers Model and Insight Assessment Tool, we develop customized approaches to gain alignment and ensure successful implementation based on the client's realities. 

We will work with you to tailor and execute an approach that addresses key factors to drive successful change, uncover hidden opportunities and required shifts, and create alignment and ownership among key stakeholders. We will help you design a change management roadmap and communications and engagement plan to generate the necessary support and buy-in for your change initiative to be successful. 

Alignment of stakeholders on a common, clear and compelling vision for the future is essential to spark the momentum for change. Naming and embracing new behaviors is what gets the change to stick. 



Communications involves not only dissemination of key messages to various stakeholder groups (e.g. employees, customers, senior leadership), but also the engagement of stakeholders in meaningful dialogue to help gain perspective and ownership. ASI helps clients develop communications objectives, strategies, and key messages specific to each stakeholder group with opportunities for two-way communications and feedback.

Change Management involves the planning and execution of strategies and tactics that create alignment, address resistance and drive desired change. ASI helps clients understand where they are and what is required to achieve successful change.