Knowledge Management

Facilitating effective knowledge transfer

You know that people are your organization’s greatest asset and you worry about the consequences of those assets walking out the door and not returning. Those with experience are quickly approaching retirement and, while the new hires are pedaling fast, they just don’t have the insight or skill that comes with deep experience needed to perform the work. Your organization has loads of technology touted to make work easier, but you can’t find the authors or files for key documents distributed by your predecessor last year. People in your organization are constantly reinventing the wheel or revisiting the same issues over and over again.

  • How do you capture critical knowledge in people’s heads and make it available to others?
  • How do you help your people find existing information and resources faster and more easily?
  • How do you build organizational habits through experiental learning and continuous improvement?

ASI’s knowledge management (KM) capability will help you answer these questions.

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We create KM solutions that are grounded, implementable, and sustainable. Using our K-Enable approach and Strategic Levers model, we will help you catalog your content, assess your needs, evaluate your options, and create a tailored solution blueprint and implementation roadmap. Solutions may include adopting practices of reflection before, during, and after projects or initiatives. Others may entail shifts in behavior, process, structure, and technology, including collaboration platforms such as Microsoft SharePoint and our own Tailored Acquisition Portal™. We will support you in executing the implementation roadmap so knowledge is enduring, accessible, and intuitively organized. We help ensure your success by modeling the practices contained in any solution we offer.

As a result, you can expect greater mindfulness, enhanced communication, increased efficiency, higher productivity, and improved satisfaction.

Knowledge management comprises a range of integrated strategies used in an organization to identify, capture, evaluate, retrieve, and share intellectual assets. It is the practice of seizing information that exists in people’s minds and harnessing the collective wisdom of an organization.