Performance Management

Sustaining right action to achieve results

  • How many great strategies, initiatives, or ideas can you name that went nowhere in your organization?
  • How many started strong and then either slowly or abruptly came to a stop when things got hard or the next priority du jour came along?
  • How do you break this limiting pattern?

Non-starts, false starts, and failed starts are usually not the consequence of poor intent or planning, but rather of poor execution. Execution is where intentions and plans translate into action and results. Effective execution requires accountability, feedback, and willpower. It requires institutionalizing structures and routines to keep people focused and engaged and create success.

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ASI’s approach to performance management is based on three principles: 1) clear contribution; 2) meaningful metrics; and 3) leveraged learning. Using our All-4-1 Alignment approach, we will work with you to cascade organizational goals to teams and individuals so all levels have a clear line of sight and incentive to achieve personal and collective success. Our Leading Measures Database provides a foundation from which we help you identify a short-list of metrics and measurement methods that will bring your goals into tight focus, detect progress quickly, and inform any required course corrections. We help you select and adopt feasible monitoring and management practices that enable smart risk taking, catch and celebrate early wins, and mine and spread lessons from wins and failures to sustain momentum and commitment. 

Do you want your organization to achieve more than you ever have before? Come talk to us. We will give you straight talk, stretch your limits, and deliver a balanced, practical solution that takes you there. 

Performance management encompasses a set of activities and structures for sustaining organizational focus, tracking organizational progress, and adjusting course where needed.