Strategic Planning & Facilitation

Charting a course for mission success

Calls to “reduce the budget,” “increase transparency,” and “deliver more” have made it challenging to prioritize, and your teams are working harder than ever under increasing stress. 

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  • How do you identify and articulate the most impactful priorities?
  • How do you weigh the tradeoffs to define a cohesive, compelling and sustainable way ahead?
  • How do you gain the stakeholder engagement and support required to achieve success?

ASI’s strategic planning and facilitation will help you answer these questions.

ASI’s approach is data-driven, collaborative, and outcome-oriented. Using our Strategic Levers Model and Insight Assessment Tool, we share facts and thoughtful perspectives that help you understand your landscape, root causes, and strategic choices; pull the most high-impact organizational levers; engage stakeholders; and employ the ideas already found in your organization.

We will work with you to tailor and execute a process that fits your preferences and constraints, uncover hidden opportunities and required shifts, and create alignment and ownership. We will help you define valuable and achievable solutions and communicate them in clear, simple language that rallies your stakeholders.

Lean and creative teams, compassionate and authentic facilitators, keen understanding of your complex stakeholder mix, a library of leading federal practices, and a passion for  service set us apart from other firms and enable us to deliver best value.



Strategic planning is the process of understanding the environment, identifying strategic options, setting direction, and rallying people to execute that direction.

Facilitation  involves the use of techniques to design and run successful meetings and to help stakeholders increase their effectiveness working together. ASI facilitators help participants co-create direction and plans that ignite excitement, commitment, and results that matter.