Frontline Solutions Services

The Frontline Solutions team is adept in translating
customer needs into actionable results. Through strong
commitment, integrity and accountability, the FSC team is
dedicated to the satisfaction of the customer, and will use
all available resources in the pursuit of meeting and
exceeding customer requirements.

 Our core services include:

• Program and Acquisition Management
• Business and Financial Management
• Strategic and Performance Management
• Systems Engineering and Architecture
• Intelligence Analysis

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Program & Acquisition Management Services

• Planning Programming and Budget Execution (PPBE)
• Contract Development
• Acquisition Support (Milestone A-C)
• Acquisition Documentation (DoD 5000)
• Training and Education
• Program Planning & Tracking
• Risk Management
• IPBS/CBJB Support
• Deployment Management
• Primavera and MS Project expertise


Strategic & Performance Management Services

• Performance Management
• Performance Based Budgeting
• Corporate Planning and Strategic Management Support
• Quarterly Program Review (QPR) Support
• Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) Development
• Lean Six Sigma


Intelligence Analysis Services

• Cyber Professionals
• Network Analysis
• SIGINT Requirements Analysis
• SIGINT Tools, Techniques, and Processes
• Geospatial Metadata Analysis
• Support to Operations
• Social Network Analysis
• Telecommunications Knowledge
• Research and Reporting
• Regional and Subject Matter Expertise
• Intelligence Fusion
• Training Delivery and Curriculum Development
• Mentoring to Customer Staff
• Foreign Language Skills
• Military Cryptology
• Critical Thinking
• Business Process Improvement


Business & Financial Management Services

• Purchase Request Preparation
• Spend Plan Tracking
• Budget Build
• Cost Estimating/Analysis
• Budget Monitoring and tracking
• Financial Analysis
• Basis of Estimates (BOE)


Systems Engineering & Architecture Services

• Best Practices
• Transformation of operational needs into
performance specifications
• Development of systems architectures
• Independent Verification and Validation
• Operational Views (OV)
• System Views (SV)
• Interface Control Documents (ICD)
• Test Plans, Deployment Plans
• Data Services Development
• Information Integration
• Metadata Management
• MetaMatrix Implementation
• Data Modelling
• UML, ERD, XML Schema
• Relational Solutions
• Oracle 9i, 10g
• Sybase
• Microsoft SQL Server


Software Engineering & Test

• Operational Requirement Forecasting and Development
• Design, Development, and Implementation of Enterprise Architecture
• Microsoft SQL/MYSQL Database Design and Implementation


Cyber Security

• Open Source Research/All Source Research
• Threat Mitigation/Mitigation Strategies Development
• IDS/IPS/SIEM Operations
• Threat Analysis
• Solutions Development and Integration
• Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering
• Computer Forensics
• Systems Auditing
• Red Team/Blue Team Services
• Information Security Training and Custom Course Development