Applied Learning Online™

Stretching your training budget via subscription-based e-learning.

Workforce training is a critical component to ensuring your organization is armed to meet the onerous demands placed upon it. But budget constraints may limit training options.

  • How can you provide quality training opportunities across the entire workforce?
  • How can you ensure you are providing targeted training at the right time so knowledge can be applied immediately on the job?
  • How can you stretch your training budget to acquire more training, covering more people, without sacrificing quality?

ASI’s Applied Learning Online™ (ALO) is an ideal, real-time solution. ALO provides instant access to a robust—and growing—suite of targeted online learning modules in federal acquisition, contracting, COR, and program management, ideal for meeting the continuous education requirements of FAC-C, FAC-COR, and FAC-P/PM, and certification requirements of FAC-COR.

ALO features:

  • Real-time, focused learning in short bursts that can be immediately applied to the job.
  • Reach-back access to the instructors featured in the videos to address follow-up questions and facilitate true understanding of the material.
  • Frequent updates to the learning materials to ensure material is consistent with the latest policies and regulations
  • Customizable learning plans and customizable content to address your agency’s unique requirements

Continuous Learning Points (CLPs)

All ALO modules earn Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) and Continuing Education Units (CEUs).  These count toward the maintenance of any certification, as DAU/FAI equivalency is not required for maintenance or continuous learning, and DAU/FAI does not certify units for maintenance or continuous learning.


 ASI was awarded a 2012 Certificate of Merit in the Chief Learning Officer “Learning in Practice” Awards for our Applied Learning Online™ learning solution. 


How to Buy

Applied Learning Online is available on an annual subscription basis via Library of Congress FEDLINK Contract LC09D7051 or Training Authorization Form (SF -182), as well as our GSA Federal Supply Schedule 70, where it may be purchased standalone or as an upgrade to your Virtual Acquisition Office™ subscription.

Applied Learning Online™ can reduce training costs from $40 per Continuous Learning Point (CLP) earned (the government’s average cost per CLP) to as low as $4 per CLP.

At one federal agency, employees earned over 37,000 CLPs with ALO. If completed exclusively in a classroom setting, the cost could have exceeded $1 million.