Customer Experience (CX)

Transform your organization and enhance your mission outcomes.

Mission Outcomes are on the line.

Complex operations and processes keep many federal agencies from doing the good work they want to do.

ASI’s supports federal agencies in designing and implementing organizational transformation to better achieve mission outcomes.

Transform your customer experience.

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Define the Problem and Vision

ASI assists agencies in defining the current and future state of their customer experience program and charting a path forward to transform their customer experience.

Achieve Mission Objectives

ASI supports its clients in not only creating plans for transformation—but successfully implementing their plans every step of the way.

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Heather Decker

Director, Strategy and
Organization Development

ASI Accomplishments in Customer Experience (CX)

  • Implemented breakthrough employee experience and customer experience analysis for TSA, which OMB is now asking all federal High Impact Service Providers to replicate
  • TSA client team awarded 2021 Service to the Citizen award
  • Designed first-ever TSA Customer Experience training now being rolled out TSA-wide
  • Launched first-ever CX Community of Practice for TSA’s nation-wide cadre of Customer Service Managers
  • Designed and implemented TSA-wide CX performance metrics, resulting in improved OMB A-11 scoring
  • ASI moderated first-ever federal Acquisition Customer Experience roundtable as part of ACT-IAC’s Customer Experience Community of Interest group

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Customer Assessments

ASI assists agencies in designing and implementing organization-wide CX assessments to define the customer experience current state and gather perspectives on the desired customer experience future state and path forward.

CX Journey Design

Following the CX assessment, ASI aligns leadership and staff to a shared future vision for CX and strategic path forward with accompanying performance metrics. ASI assists agencies in developing customer personas for critical customer segments and designing improved end-to-end customer journeys.

CX Training

ASI designs and implements virtual and in-person customer experience training, train-the-trainer guides, and post-training assessments to develops critical CX workforce capabilities.

Data Analytics

ASI designs and implements organization-wide CX performance metrics and aligns to OMB A-11 CX guidance, as needed. ASI offers a breakthrough customer experience and employee experience analysis tool to further drive targeted CX interventions across agencies.


ASI assess critical business processes and provide recommendations for ASI supports its clients in not only creating plans for transformation—but successfully implementing their plans every step of the way. ASI supports agencies in designing and implementing change management strategies and communications plans to ensure CX change is adopted and sustained.

Mission Outcomes are on the line.
Let ASI Government help you make every dollar deliver mission value.

We know the value of what you do.

ASI brings specialized customer experience, human-centered design, change management, strategy, and organization development management consulting experience directly assisting the Federal Government design and implement transformative customer experience programs and ultimately enhance citizen outcomes.

For 25 years, ASI has supported over 70 government agencies and 100+ contracts across the civilian, defense, and intelligence communities.