Data Management & Analysis

Take the guesswork out of customer acquisition spending strategies with state of the art data analysis tools.

Mission Outcomes are on the line.

Complex operations and processes keep many federal agencies from doing the good work they want to do.

By engaging with your teams, we deep dive into your business philosophy to execute strategic initiatives, transform your processes, and improve the customer experience using technology innovations to help you measure critical data to grow business.

Make better decisions with better data.

Define the data gaps

Utilize the ASI expertise to conduct an in-depth analysis of your current data handling, intake, and usage to help you understand the existing data and see what the business needs are.

Integrate solutions that are right for you

Design and develop the frameworks, systems, dashboards, and communication to lead effective data collection, organization, forecasting, and usage.

Achieve Mission Objectives

ASI supports its clients in not only creating plans for transformation—but successfully implementing their plans every step of the way through constant monitoring performance and suggesting improvements.

ASI Accomplishments in Data Management & Analysis

  • Developed complex financial and procurement dashboards for several program management and acquisition offices within the federal space.
  • Incorporated our Intelligent Business Automation technology to seamlessly automate the validation of large data associated with acquisition and financial reporting.
  • Developed and integrated performance metrics with robust analysis capabilities and tailored user interfaces.

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AREAS OF Data Management & Analysis

Data Mining, Cleansing & Analysis

Aggregate and harness all of your data from identification to transformation to governance, to future-proof and streamline your data processes.

All while ensuring data accuracy through our Intelligent Business Automation solution which leverages AI/ML to validate data across multiple sources.

Our Optical Character Recognition technology expands your data reach into unstructured, hand-written, and even low resolution data sources.

Dashboard Creation

Design visually appealing, automated dashboards that transform data into actionable metrics. Transform your data from spreadsheets to dynamic visual stories that bring your data to life.

Develop automated, efficient options to dramatically improve user experience and take the mystery out of identifying KPIs that highlight project success.

Create training materials and provide instruction and guidance on system applications and tools.

Work with large data set queries to build proper visualizations for users with varying levels of data comprehension.

Intelligent Business Automation

Leverage the ability to automate data extraction, validation, and migration while significantly reducing administrative burden, cost, and time through our tailored Intelligent Business Automation solution.

Automation yields high returns and better business outcomes for processes involving the following: well defined rules, repetitive processes, access to multiple systems, manual steps with rules and Standard Operating Procedures, and high possibility for human error.

The potential of procurement use cases to be automated expands drastically with Intelligent Business Automation (IBA). RPA works best when integrated with Cognitive/Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities. AI/ML processes unstructured information from scanned documents, large text documents, images and other data inputs that are not a good fit for pure RPA.

Mission Outcomes are on the line.
Let ASI Government help you make every dollar deliver mission value.

We know the value of what you do.

In 2019, the Federal Government spent roughly $681 billion through contract awards to acquire goods and services. With one of every six federal dollars spent through procurement, purchasing strategy has become a key conduit for agency capability. With agencies spending as much as 80 percent of their budgets acquiring goods and services, the right procurement strategy is vital.

Every dollar and contract should be utilized for the good and protection of America. Let ASI Government help transform your processes for greater mission outcomes.