Transform Your Acquisitions

ASI has helped the federal government plan, develop, and execute more than $100 billion in OCI-free acquisitions.

Mission Outcomes are on the line.

Complex operations and processes keep many federal agencies from doing the good work they want to do.

ASI helps federal agencies determine what to buy, how to buy it, category management, strategic sourcing, improving processes related to buying, and how to make sure their customers get the value they were promised.

We do things differently

Bridging the Gap

Through collaborative stakeholder engagement, defined roles and responsibilities, and transparent communication, ASI helps you create a clear, concise acquisition plan and strategy that gets to the root of what a program needs to procure, minimizes delays, and ultimately achieves mission outcomes.

Transforming the procurement process

Change the way you execute procurements, by breaking down organizational barriers and calibrating the innovative mindset of your project teams.

Supporting the entire
acquisition life cycle

ASI experts coach and provide support through the entire acquisition process. Providing you and your team the ability to perform every phase of the acquisition lifecycle, ensuring all aspects are accomplished effectively and appropriately for your specific needs.

ASI Accomplishments in Acquisition Transformation

  • Treasury Department Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year for 2020
  • Standardizing Performance Based Contracting government-wide
  • Enabled Defense and Intel customers to buy at the speed of mission
  • Transforming Category Management program government-wide
  • ASI played a forefront roll in creating and rolling out the DITAP training program.
  • Enhanced effectiveness and efficiency of billions of dollars of highly successful acquisitions.

ASI Delivers Transformative Acquisition Support

Acquisition Lifecycle

Is your agency using the full depth and breadth of the FAR to effectively and efficiently procure goods and services that truly deliver mission outcomes?

ASI’s approach:
Acquisition planning, requirements development, market research, acquisition strategy, performance management, close out.

Source Selection Facilitation

Do your program’s struggle with understanding the process, lack the education, or get frustrated with the lack of transparency surround source selection procedures and operations? ASI understands the criticality of having a supported source selection process to aide in a smart award decision.

ASI’s approach to source selection facilitation is rooted in program understanding of what they’re doing and why as it relates to the governing regulation and their specific procurement.

Requirements Development

Get the right people, resources, systems, and equipment to achieve mission outcomes.

ASI helps and partners with an agency to determine the right thing to buy, a smart way to buy it, and an effective tool set to manage it. In order to make every dollar count, ASI partners with the best procurement shops and supports both the PMs and CO/CSs every step of the way.

Cost and Price Analysis

If your program lacks the resources to comprehensively support cost/price development and analysis activities, ASI can provide you the expertise and resources needed.

Cost/price analysis is a fundamental part in understanding a program/portfolio/procurement’s full scope. It can also be a time intensive activity that often lacks the necessary support.

Process Innovation

Optimizing the way you do business.

As an organization evolves, its processes often fail to keep up, becoming stagnant and out of alignment with desired results.

ASI helps organizations align and improve processes through continuous improvement — adjusting as you learn and constantly looking for better ways to perform. This approach allows ASI to more efficiently and effectively support mission outcomes, helping you realize the true potential of your organization.

Strategic Planning & Facilitation

Transform your customer experience and enhance your mission outcomes.

ASI coaches offer unique perspective and techniques gleaned from our extensive experience from across the federal marketplace. We invest ourselves in your mission and work tirelessly to facilitate acquisition activities that generate successful outcomes.

Mission Outcomes are on the line.
Let ASI Government help you make every dollar deliver mission value.

It’s Time to Transform Your Acquisitions

Bring ASI On Board

Discover all the ways ASI Government can help you transform your acquisitions strategy. Connect with an ASI expert and define mission parameters.

Define the Problem and Vision

Our methodology addresses the most critical dimensions of acquisition transformation: buyers and the acquiring team, the marketplace, acquisition methods, culture, and external influencers.

Achieve Mission Objectives

Unlike other firms, ASI walks with you through the entire process and even brings their expert network to the table to ensure mission objectives are met.

We know the value of what you do.

In 2019, the Federal Government spent roughly $681 billion through contract awards to acquire goods and services. With one of every six federal dollars spent through procurement, purchasing strategy has become a key conduit for agency capability. With agencies spending as much as 80 percent of their budgets acquiring goods and services, the right procurement strategy is vital.

Every dollar and contract should be utilized for the good and protection of America. Let ASI Government help transform your processes for greater mission outcomes.