Program Management Office Solutions

Optimizing the management and execution of portfolios, programs, and projects

Federal agencies today must optimize the structure, planning, analysis, and performance of their portfolios, programs, and projects. Every project must deliver outputs in alignment with an agency’s mission, while every program must integrate the myriad of projects to deliver the mission. For every project and every program, it is important to ensure performance is measurable in all stages of the program and acquisition lifecycle, from planning through execution. Most—if not all—will involve the implementation of OMB’s 25-point plan for improving the government acquisition of information technology, which is impacting both the program and acquisition communities.  

  • How do you track and measure success of your portfolios, programs, and projects?
  • How do you plan the acquisitions needed in support of your program?  And ensure they are structured most cost-effectively?  And then manage them to ensure they meet cost, schedule, and performance goals?
  • How can you better communicate your requirements to industry to enable better results?
  • How can you apply the concepts of OMB’s 25-point plan to optimize your operations?

Whether you are establishing a new Program (or Project) Management Office (PMO) or looking to optimize the practices of your current operation, ASI has solutions to help.  

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We’ll assess the current state of your program—or portfolio of programs—and identify opportunities for quick hits and longer-term improvements, consider your goals, objectives, and process improvement priorities. We’ll explore opportunities to introduce more agile, modular approaches, and work with you to explore the marketplace options for satisfying your needs and for optimal ways to define, communicate, and meet your agency’s needs. We’ll help you perform investment analyses, as appropriate, and to optimize your business cases, establishing appropriate governance of your investment decisions, and enabling an overarching strategic approach to measuring and managing your projects, programs, and portfolios.

Optimize your projects, programs, and portfolios, with ASI.