Solutions for Building and Equipping New Organizations (and Organizations in Transition)

Setting the stage—and the strategy—for success in both new and transitioning organizations

Standing up a new organization is not easy, whether it is a new Department, new agency, or new office within an existing organization. A new organization is created on paper, a new leader designated… and then what? 

And significantly transforming an existing organization—based on BRAC realignments, new mandates, oversight findings, or emerging mission needs—is equally challenging.

  • Where do you start? 
  • What is the proper mix, and type, of resources to effectively run your organization? 
  • What policies and processes are needed? 
  • What contracts and strategies will you need to execute? 
  • What are the highest priorities? 
  • And how will you measure success?

ASI has valuable hands-on experience in guiding and supporting new and transitioning organizations to address these types of questions. We’ll provide you with instant acquisition and program management capacity to meet near-term workload and requirements while building long-term, organic government capability.

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We’ll help you identify priorities, identify necessary resources and develop a strategic approach to obtaining them. We’ll provide resources and mentors to help you hit the ground running and help build the capacity of federal resources to manage the organization most effectively over time. We’ll develop and help execute a strategy for most effectively interfacing and partnering with your stakeholders and your partner organizations in programs and procurement. And we’ll help you create a plan for managing and measuring your performance against key objectives and milestones.   

There’s nothing more exciting than creating a new organization—or transforming an existing one.  Let us share our passion and experience with you.