Strategic Program Management

Align stakeholders to a shared view of project success, and implement rigorous performance, acquisition, schedule, cost and risk management techniques to ensure desired project outcomes are achieved.

Mission Outcomes are on the line.

Achieving strategic outcomes is difficult with the complexity of today’s programs.

ASI supports government agencies in aligning stakeholders around a shared programmatic vision with clear measures for success. We design and implement programs and project with the end goal in mind; employing disciplined program management best practices continuously focused on achieving mission objectives.

Get the most out of your projects.

Determine the needs

ASI can help you determine your programmatic needs to empower mission success. Whether you are establishing a new Program, Project or Project Management Office (PMO) or looking to optimize your project management practices of your current operation, ASI can help you deliver.

Design and Implement

ASI assists agencies in aligning stakeholders to a shared view of project success, and then implementing rigorous performance and risk management techniques to ensure project outcomes are achieved.

Achieve Mission Objectives

Your mission becomes our mission. Our tailored program management practices are designed to maintain focus on program outcomes to culminate in mission success.

ASI Accomplishments in Strategic Program Management

  • Supported FIMA in successfully developing and implementing the first ever federal reinsurance program.
  • Supported the National Security Agency (NSA) in implementing portfolio management as a formal discipline, to include program management plans, risk schedules, cost performance templates, and standardized reporting on projects.
  • Helped FEMA obtain Authority to Operate (ATO) in 8 weeks, which normally takes 12 months through proactive management of “Competing Outcomes,” via cross-FEMA integrated project teams (IPTs) and highly engaged cross-FEMA Executive Panel.

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Areas of Emerging Tech Support

Establishing Programs and Program Management Offices (PMOs)

In order to ensure a program or project is successful, it needs to start off on the right foot. One of the major causes of program or project failure is lack of effective planning and clear measures of success at the start.

ASI focuses on setting up programs for success by performing the following types of activities right at the onset:

  • Needs assessments to identify and understand the problem(s) that needs to be solved
  • Definition of program or project scope with clear beginning and end
  • Establishment of evaluation framework with well-defined program success measures
  • Creation of tailored program or project planning documentation and templates such Project Plan, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Schedule, Risk Management Plan and Risk Register, etc.
  • Resource planning to include government personnel and contractor support
  • Acquisition strategy development
  • Formation or refinement of agile program or project business processes tailored to specific organization and program
  • Creation of Reporting and Dashboards framework and templates
  • Establishment of PMOs

Business Process Improvement

ASI assess critical business processes and provide recommendations for improved business process design for improved organizational effectiveness and efficiency. ASI assists in broad-agency roll-out of new business processes, policies, and practices.

Aligning Stakeholders

ASI focuses on helping clients align stakeholders to a shared vision to setup the program for success and ensuring this vision is maintained while navigating frequent programmatic challenges such as changes in leadership, policies, strategic direction, funding, etc.

Types of support that ASI provides includes:

  • Stakeholder identification, mapping and analysis
  • Facilitation of focus groups, workshops, interviews, surveys, etc.
  • Definition of roles, responsibilities, and decision-making authorities for program or project implementation across stakeholder groups
  • Establishment and facilitation of Executive Panels, Integrated Project Teams (IPTs), Industry Councils, and Working Groups
  • Creation and implementation of communication, cultural and change management strategies
  • Consistent tracking and reporting of progress against established success measures

Implementing Programs

ASI brings certified project management professionals that can assist you in tailoring and implementing program and project management best practices that will work effectively within your organization.

ASI offers the full range of program and project management support to assist our government clients achieve program success and mission outcomes. Examples of our support includes:

  • Program Investment Analyses, Business Cases, and Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) development
  • Scope Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Acquisition and Procurement Management
  • Performance and Quality Management
  • Cost and Resource Management
  • Risk Management
  • Stakeholder and Communications Management

Mission Outcomes are on the line.
Let ASI Government help you make every dollar deliver mission value.

We know the value of what you do.

In 2019, the Federal Government spent roughly $681 billion through contract awards to acquire goods and services. With one of every six federal dollars spent through procurement, purchasing strategy has become a key conduit for agency capability. With agencies spending as much as 80 percent of their budgets acquiring goods and services, the right procurement strategy is vital.

Every dollar and contract should be utilized for the good and protection of America. Let ASI Government help transform your processes for greater mission outcomes.