Strategic, Transformative Acquistion Solutions

Trusted, results-oriented, and transformative acquisition solutions

ASI Government was founded on the idea that incredible results can be achieved when the government and contractors work in partnership toward shared objectives. The key is to follow a proven process that drives all stakeholders to the desired outcomes. That is the premise of Performance-Based Acquisition (PBA), which we’ve been successfully advocating and implementing across the government since 1996. As the industry partner engaged in the development of the original “Seven Steps to Performance-Based Acquisition,” we are proud that we’ve become known as the “go-to” provider for supporting major acquisitions, having supported hundreds of them.        

Today, our “Acquisition Solutions” address PBA plus so much more.  We provide an array of services and solutions to help agencies achieve tangible and transformative improvements to acquisition processes, organizations, and results. 

  • How does your agency’s policies, approaches and results compare with others across government? 
  • Are your approaches value-added or just added work?
  • How do your agency’s contracts support the needs, requirements, and spending patterns of your agency? 
  • Are you making the most strategic use of pre-existing contract vehicles?
  • Are you optimizing your small business program?
  • Are you appropriately utilizing procurement techniques, structures and tactics such as FFP, LPTA, market analysis, and small business utilization?
  • Are your acquisition strategies and approaches delivering the results you desire? 
  • How can you ensure the right balance between cost savings and achievement of desired results?

Transform your acquisition processes and results with ASI’s acquisition solutions. Areas of support include, but are not limited to: