Workforce Solutions

Optimizing the size and skills of your workforce

ASI’s suite of acquisition workforce solutions helps ensure that your workforce is right-sized for the job at hand, and has the right information at the right time to make the right decisions.  A healthy workforce is focused on fostering a productive environment for the individual, the team, and the organization, to achieve the organization’s mission. 

  • How do you keep your workforce current in this constantly changing acquisition field?
  • How do you engage your workforce in experiential learning?
  • Who do you turn to with your more challenging acquisition questions?
  • How do you appropriately build the size and skills of your workforce to address the emerging challenges and opportunities?

Our solutions keep professionals up to date on new regulations, fill gaps in education and mentorship, and help organizations improve efficiency and effectiveness via our comprehensive acquisition workforce suite. 

VAOA pre-packaged “all inclusive” continuous learning service plus!   Used by over 22,000  professionals across the government, the VAO is a comprehensive service that keeps you current on the “latest and greatest” in acquisition and translates that knowledge into news, publications, tools, training, webinars—and an on-call acquisition helpdesk— that help the workforce get smarter faster.

TAPA “semi-packaged, semi-custom” acquisition portal, tailored just for you.  This innovative, web-enabled knowledge management and process flow tool—customized to address your agency’s unique environment and processes—provides a broad array of guidance, information, and recommended practices covering the entire acquisition lifecycle

ALOA pre-packaged suite of engaging, targeted online learning modules.  ALO offers cost-effective, instant access to a robust suite of targeted online learning modules in federal acquisition, contracting, COR and program management, ideal for meeting continuing education requirements of FAC-C, FAC-COR and FAC-P/PM, and certification requirements of FAC-COR.

ASI Need HelpOn-call acquisition assistance and virtual mentoring along with executive inquiry support and in-depth research.


RPMASI’s proprietary model that translates contracting workload into optimal number of contract specialists and associated FAC-C levels.


ASI also delivers custom consulting services addressing additional workforce challenges and opportunities.  Services include:

  • Performance Management. Our team of consultants will help leadership make their organizations more efficient and effective, improving organizational health and spurring growth.
  • Strategic Planning & Facilitation. Our team collaborates with agency leadership to develop strategy and proper implementation of initiatives.
  • Professional Development. We help organizations drive greater performance by working with management to improve leadership, teamwork, and individual capabilities, nurturing leaders within all levels of the organization.