Online learning that is cost-effective and engaging (really!)

Online learning is a growing trend. The benefits are obvious: 

  • Learning available just-in-time, exactly when you need it
  • Accessible online without any travel costs or hassle
  • Cost-effective for training a large group of people  

But here’s the key: The online learning modules must be interesting and engaging.  Simply posting a PowerPoint deck online and calling it training does not fit the bill. 

ASI has embraced the field of e-learning with the view that if we are going to do it, we are going to do it right.

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Our plan:

  • Record videos (with audio, of course) of our highly-regarded ASI Training Institute™ instructors so our clients can access the same ASI instructors online that they enjoy in the classroom. 
  • Allow our users to reach back and ask questions online to these instructors to the extent they have further questions after watching the video. 
  • Test the knowledge gained and allow opportunities for retesting. 
  • Inject lots of stories and real-life examples.
  • Ensure that our e-learning courseware covers a wide range of topics relevant to program management, contracting, and being a Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR).  
  • Continue to update our courseware as changes and new developments occur (as they always do!). 
  • Continue to build out new e-learning modules throughout the year so that our clients always have access to new learning opportunities.
  • Make e-learning modules customizable, so that if an agency wants to leverage the modules we’ve created and add in agency-specific guidance, we can easily do that.

And that’s what we did.

In FY2012 alone, federal professionals earned more than 49,000 continuous learning points through our e-learning modules. 

Our e-learning modules are accessible in multiple ways.  Access our full suite of e-learning modules (85 and growing) through a subscription to Applied Learning Online™.   Or have us customize modules directly for your organization. Learn how ASI can help you develop your own online learning curriculum.