A trusted partner in meeting your civilian agency’s unique needs

Civilian agencies operate significantly differently from defense agencies—due in part to differing regulations, differing structures, and differing cultures. Yet no two civilian agencies are like. With fourteen non-defense executive departments, the legislative and judicial branches of government, and seventy plus independent agencies and quasi-official agencies, we appreciate that every civilian agency has a unique culture, as well as unique mission, vision, objectives, and everyday practices.  Even within a single Department, the component agencies, bureaus, or operating units often have distinctly different mandates, styles, and challenges. 

Having worked hand-in-hand with scores of these agencies, ASI has become a trusted partner who delivers solutions and services that are tailored to the individual needs of each while leveraging our extensive knowledge of the operations of other agencies. The insights we bring from our other engagements enable us to deliver on our “Unexpected, by Design” delivery philosophy.

More than just a “support contractor,” we want to be your value-added, trusted partner, working toward shared objectives.