Intelligence Community

Trusted support to meet the unique needs of the IC

The Intelligence Community (IC) is a coalition of executive branch agencies and organizations that work both independently and collaboratively to gather the intelligence necessary to conduct foreign relations and national security activities. This community faces a fast paced, uncertain environment in which agencies must plan for and respond to potential threats quickly and efficiently.

ASI has worked extensively with members of the IC, providing a wide range of custom training, research, and consulting support services, and leveraging the full range of services and solutions we deliver to defense and civilian agencies. We understand the unique operating environment and challenges of the IC, and deliver a broad range of innovative targeted solutions covering the full acquisition program management lifecycle to support these vital missions. 

Our capabilities in support of this community were further broadened in 2011 with our corporate acquisition of Frontline Solutions, a trusted partner in the intelligence community. Through our dedicated Frontline Solutions Division, ASI provides IC-specific capabilities in systems engineering and technical assistance (SETA), cyber solutions, and analytical support while fortifying our ability to provide cradle to grave “Big A” Acquisition support, ranging from requirements development to managing contracts and programs. We have a complete understanding of security requirements for human resources, data, facilities, and other critical areas, and provide a full complement of cleared professionals who can operate across the IC.

Frontline Solutions

Through a custom implementation of our Tailored Acquisition Portal™ solution, ASI helped one IC agency realize a near 90% decrease in pre-solicitation compliance review holds, while increasing the professional dialogue between acquisition team members and the Agency acquisition and contracting policy office by nearly 50%.