National Defense and Security

Supporting the Agencies that Secure and Defend our Nation

Making smart business decisions—and then executing them to ensure we meet the national security and defense missions—is the ultimate goal of many of the transformation efforts taking place in the defense and security sectors. Priorities include effective planning, programming, and execution; ensuring affordability of identified solutions given scarce resources, and appropriately incentivizing contractor performance, with a goal of improving the results attained with each taxpayer dollar spent and—ultimately—realizing success on each program.

ASI has the in-depth knowledge of defense and security acquisition mandates, regulations—including DFARS and DoD 5000.1 and 5000.2—and day-to-day processes and practices as well as hands-on experience across DoD and DHS in supporting programs and acquisitions. Our solutions address all facets of the acquisition lifecycle and provide an integrated approach that supports strategic planning, portfolio management, capabilities needs assessment, systems acquisition, program and budget development, and contract strategy.   ASI leverages each of these uniquely tailored capabilities to help transform acquisition into a strategic lever. 

Our fresh perspective helps our defense clients improve performance through tailored solutions that focus on outcomes that drive quality, affordability, business process efficiency, and acceleration of services acquisition capacity. ASI accomplishes real value creation when enhancing operations by “bridging the gap” with program managers to extend the reach and impact of the acquisition activities by coordinating in an appropriate and timely manner with program managers responsible for delivering mission capability. Our consulting support is supplemented with application of leading-edge commercial practices supported by an integrated set of proprietary products and tools.

Our unique blend of highly seasoned former government and private sector professionals allows us to offer client-specific, leading-edge solutions informed by multiple perspectives. We offer a combination of thought leadership, extraordinary knowledge resources, and “roll up your sleeves” support that can help improve management of the acquisition function, as well as enhance execution of individual acquisition programs.