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ASI provides government leaders with the expertise they need to navigate acquisition and organizational challenges so they can make an impact and achieve their goals.

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Complex operations and processes keep many federal agencies from doing the good work they want to do.

    Wasted dollars on long cycle times
    Ineffective collaboration
    Regulatory obstacles
    Outdated, burdensome processes
    Changing cybersecurity needs
    Changing citizen and customer needs
    Changing workforce demands & requirements
    Rapid technology change
    Climate security

Public service shouldn’t be so hard.

For the last 25 years, ASI Government has been the first choice among agencies to overcome these acquisition hurdles.


Join a team making a real impact.

For over 25 years, we have transformed the way government does business, impacting over 70 government agencies across the civilian, defense, and intelligence communities.

For over 25 years, we have transformed the way government does business, impacting over 70 government agencies across the civilian, defense, and intelligence communities.

It’s Time to Achieve Your Mission

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Bring ASI On Board

Discover all the ways ASI Government can help you transform your acquisition and organizational strategy. Connect with an ASI expert to define your goals.

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Define the Problem and Vision

Our methodology addresses the most critical dimensions of acquisition transformation: buyers and the acquiring team, the marketplace, acquisition methods, culture, and external influencers.

Step 3

Achieve Mission Objectives

Unlike other firms, ASI walks with you through the entire process and even brings their expert network to the table to ensure mission objectives are met.

ASI Awards and Accolades

    Treasury Department Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year for 2020
    Leadership of NCMA Climate Initiative to engage and support acquisition professionals
    Initiated Category Management program government-wide
    Implemented Performance-Based Contracting government-wide
    Supported FEMA in saving $1 B through the launch of the first federal Reinsurance program, resulting in selection of the FEMA team for the 2018 Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medals (SAMMIES). Andy Neal and the NFIP Reinsurance Program Team • Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medals
    Supported TSA in the design and implementation of its strategy to transform its customer experience for 750 million passengers nationwide, resulting in TSA client team receiving 2021 Service to the Citizen award: TSA | STTC Awards (
    Fed100 Recognition for leadership of Periodic Table of Acquisition Innovations FAI.GOV | Come share your experiences

Solutions to achieve your mission objectives


Modernize Acquisition

The Acquisition function – including the efforts of the enterprise-wide buying team – is the most powerful and underutilized lever in the Federal Government today for finding efficiencies and driving results.

One of every six dollars and nearly half of all federal discretionary funding flows through the acquisition function – one innately tied to mission performance.


Strategy and Organization Development

Transform your organization and enhance your mission outcomes.

ASI helps clients establish a clear vision and strategy, execute their plans, develop innovative acquisition approaches, and build the organizational capabilities needed to be successful.


Strategic Program Management

Align your stakeholders to a shared view of project success, and then implementing rigorous performance and risk management techniques to ensure project outcomes are achieved.

ASI designs and implements award-winning programs in record time, such as its design and launch of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Reinsurance program for which its clients received the prestigious Samuel J. Heyman Service to America (SAMMIE) award for Management Excellence.

Emerging Technology

Take the pain out of administrative or labor-intensive work by utilizing emerging technology. 

ASI utilizes innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate rigorous procurement processes, resulting in significant time and cost savings.


Data Analytics

Make smarter decisions about your mission objectives by utilizing every aspect of the available data.

ASI brings expertise in data mining, statistical analysis, data cleansing, dashboard creation, and robotic process automation to help meet the needs of the modern era.

Customer Experience

Transform your customer experience and enhance your mission outcomes.

ASI supports federal agencies in designing and implementing transformative customer experience programs that ultimately enhance citizen and mission outcomes.


Mission Outcomes are on the line.
Let ASI Government help you make every dollar deliver mission value.

Insights & Research


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We know the value of what you do.

In 2020, the Federal Government spent more than $665 billion through contract awards to acquire goods and services. With one of every six federal dollars spent through procurement, purchasing strategy has become a key conduit for agency capability. With agencies spending as much as 80 percent of their budgets acquiring goods and services, the right procurement strategy is vital.

Every dollar and contract should be utilized for the good and protection of America. Let ASI Government help transform your processes for greater mission outcomes.


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