ASI Unique Capabilities in response to COVID-19

Our purpose at ASI is to enable the success of our family of acquisition and contracting brethren in government in all situations—including crisis moments such as the one we are experiencing now.  We recognize that you and your teams are likely dealing with both emerging needs related to COVID-19 responses and navigating a new work world of telework. We stand ready to support in any way we may be helpful as you navigate this crisis time, including:

Emergency contracting places a premium on speed. Emergency acquisition authorities are often used. Given agencies need to move as fast as possible to COVID-19 emerging needs, an understanding of emergency acquisition authorities is critical. Our acquisition SMEs are well-versed in understanding and applying emergency acquisition authorities—and have successfully applied these for clients during crisis situations in the past, such as when our team supported FEMA in quickly defining and procuring a predictive wind modeling capability during Hurricane Irma in 2017.

A Conversation with ASI on Emergency Acquisitions

As agencies transition to a fully virtual workforce in many cases, our strategy and organization development and acquisition experts can support you and your teams’ design and implement new virtual modes of operating, collaborating, and communicating within a contracting landscape. We apply organization development techniques to align your teams to an envisioned future state of working, and identify the behavioral shifts needed to move from the current to future state.

As always, we offer our full acquisition lifecycle support capabilities and solutions, from pre-award complete acquisition package development through to post-award performance-based contract management and contract close-out support. We also offer a suite of contracting data analytic capabilities.

We recognize that agencies are being tasked with defining emerging requirements to meet the needs of COVID-19 across the country. Our strategy and acquisition experts can readily assist your teams in articulating new requirements to achieve urgent mission needs and conduct efficient market research to understand existing and emerging industry solutions to the need at hand. For example, as agencies urgently seek supplies for their front-line workers, we can support you in quickly identifying potential sources of supply—whether an existing supplier or emerging supplier, from start-ups to established companies who are rapidly tooling up.

We recognize many agencies are needing to adapt to new mission priorities and responsibilities. Our team of strategy and organization development experts can support you in quickly identifying priority mission needs and developing aligned plans at any level to achieve these needs, inclusive of re-envisioned roles and responsibilities along with the new work required down to the division, branch, project, and individual level, including assisting with implementation.

We exist to help government buying professionals to achieve your critical mission outcomes. If there are any ways that we may assist you to best achieve your outcomes as we all come to terms with the magnitude and severity of the coronavirus pandemic, we welcome the conversation.

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